Upcoming WHY Club Dates
Wednesday, November 21, 2018 at 7PM
Wednesday, February 13, 2019 at 7PM

There is a calling from deep within.  Something that drives and builds your purpose, your mission in this life.  The WHY Club brings together beautiful souls to connect to that powerful mission-driven calling and to share the WHY behind it.

You will be inspired and inspire others.

This is the stuff where magic is created, tribe is experienced, mind blowing ideas take shape and bold action is taken.  This is how one person can begin to make change in the world.

This is an invitation-only gathering.  If you wish to speak or attend The WHY Club, please contact me.  This is a sacred space for every participant to feel comfortable to be heard or to listen.  Heart-centred people only please.

This is for you if you:

  • take action to live your best life each day
  • have a mission and NEED to share this mission with others
  • wish to witness others’ magic and passion as they share their mission
  • love to ask questions to find deeper meaning for yourself
  • have a very STRONG why behind your mission
  • seek to gain clarity on your mission and even your why by witnessing others share their story
  • WANT to start living life with a purpose-filled, personal mission
  • desire to spend time with other like-minded and like-spirited people
  • raise the vibration
  • want to leave feeling more empowered than you already feel
  • seek to live courageously

This is NOT for you if you:

  • are trying to sell something.
  • want to give advice on what others should or should not do (ack, “should” is such a dirty word)
  • teach a lesson… remember this is about your why or witnessing others!
  • are not committed to being fully present during our time together (no cell phones or worries allowed).

There are two ways to experience The WHY Club

1. Be a speaker and share your WHY.  This is REALLY great for anyone who wants to “step into their spotlight” and practice sharing their KEY message in life.  If you know your WHY, then you know it is woven into your every day.  It may just be hanging out in your head most of the time so this is a great way to actually speak it, make it real and explore how you share it with others.

2. Be a witness and listener.  You are there to support a friend or other fellow mission-driven people because you LOVE co-creating positive experiences.  You could also be there to help yourself understand your WHY better.  I know so many people whose WHY is just beyond their grasp.  They are so close to really gaining clarity and are seeking ways and tools to help them take that one step closer.

The Deets

  • The WHY Club will meet up to four times a year in person and online.
  • Depending on location (whether in person or online), times will vary but will be decided by host and agreed upon by participants.
  • The group will be no less than four people and no more than 12.  We want to keep this intimate, comfortable and for you to be excited (not scared) to join.
  • At this time, the price of The WHY Club is your time and commitment to fully show up.
  • Each Club will be 75 minutes in length and have two speakers at each one.
  • There is no time limit on speaking, well… actually, please don’t take up the full 75 minutes!  But please be prepared to share your WHY and answer questions.  People are always curious about real life stories, especially those that focus on personal growth, healing and empowerment.  Because it is your WHY, you won’t be caught off guard with the questions.
  • Speakers will be given an outline of questions to help think about how they would like to share their WHY.
  • Be prepared to leave feeling inspired!

Contact me if interested in attending or speaking!

With love and kindness (and total excitement),