Why I want to work with you

I’ll be straight up honest – I am being selfish. But it is with purpose. I am saying yes to nurturing and honouring what means most to me. As I live my journey, I can without a doubt know what I need to do.

I need to:

Be empowered, have choice and expand my consciousness

Be the greatest expression of myself to those I love

Live in service, be generous and open-minded

Be a safe place for people to share fears and be ridiculous with their dreams

Support women with desired change

Nurture and build the collective human spirit with courage

Be a change agent for a better world

Be a part of that human spirit that provides a sense of belonging and love

Know how to balance working hard and being energized

Connect with a true self (vulnerabilities and all) and find the inner strength that makes one shine

It comes down to the human spirit that is so positive, resilient, pushy, loving and needs to connect.

This is being purposefully selfish which means courage, passion, purpose, impact, and love. It means being happy in your life. It means being conscious of the world you live in. It means going after your dreams.

The Fine Print on Me

Want to know more about what I bring to the coaching relationship?  Since the early 1990s my focus has been on capacity building and development whether in an organization, a community, or in an individual such as yourself!  I bring a very strong inter-disciplinary approach to the relationship with the ability to look at all facets, factors and areas in your life AND pull it together to align with your purpose.

Background on:

– Working with high achieving women and female entrepreneurs
– Certified in the Transformational Coaching Method
– Continued development with my personal coach, Mindvalley and Evercoach

Canadian-based Work with Non-Profit Organizations
– Director of Fundraising and Client Development
– Strategic Development Consultant

International Work
– Consultant at the United Nations Food & Agriculture Organization, Rome, Italy
– International research (Cuba, Central America, South Africa and Asia) in capacity building, development and partnerships.

– Master of Science in Capacity Development and Extension
– BA Honours in International Development